100 Days of Learning for All Ages


Photo by Mrs. Mckeough

Students from several English classes at PMHS celebrated the 100th day of school, a milestone that hold significance for students of all ages.

Throughout the English hallway on the second floor of the high school, walls were plastered with posters containing witty puns, balloons decorated the doorways of classes, and cheers and laughter could be heard from the classrooms as various one hundred days activities occurred. 

This annual celebration is self explanatory- students and English teachers have a huge celebration to mark one-hundred days of learning. While this may seem childish to some, this spirit-boosting day creates much needed fun for students and a well-deserved break from the normal school day.

Challenges were organized in rooms varying from the one hundred cup stack, one hundred words of motivation, card towers, one hundred piece puzzles and more all to celebrate this important day. 

As children, especially in elementary school, the one hundredth day is almost treated as a holiday. Teachers would often hand out treats, host games, show movies, and do many other countless things for this momentous day.

By having this day in high school, students can almost relive the joy this day would bring them in the past. 

Also a part of the one hundredth day is the annual collection of personal hygiene products for donation. Students are asked to bring in objects such as toothbrushes, floss, deodorant, and other products of that nature.

This year, Mrs. Scaldaferri’s class collected 1,198 items for donating! 

Though some might suggest this day is “unproductive” or “foolish” for high school students , it is important to celebrate and let students be rewarded for all their hard work through the year-especially seniors who have experienced almost 640 days of work just in high school alone.

The one hundredth day celebration is an everlasting tradition that will be celebrated for hundreds of years to come, bringing smiles to the halls of Pat-Med.