Studying With Music

So many students prefer to study while listening to their favorite music. Here are some playlists if you’re looking for a change!


Photo by Keya Bullock

We have some new playlists to check out that will help you study a little better.

Let’s be honest, sometimes studying can be kind of boring. Especially for a class you’re not particularly fond of. Reading from a textbook, going over equations for math or using flashcards can get repetitive. You want to make sure you stay engaged while studying to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. That’s why playing music in the background can help you get through a long period of studying for a big test after an already long day of school. Listening to music while studying might help your study session more exciting.

“I like listening to music while I’m studying because it helps me focus and makes it a little less boring,” says Celena,  a junior at PMHS.

Nicole, a freshmen at Farmingdale State says, “Listening to music helps me focus more on what I’m doing. This way I’m not distracted by all the background noises from family or outside. Also, it helps me calm down, and makes me feel a little less stressed.”

It’s been proven that listening to soothing music that you enjoy can help with stress and anxiety, as well as improve endurance. In some cases, it even helps with memorization. And the best part, it puts you in a better mood! Just make sure you aren’t playing music that causes you to be distracted. Don’t be afraid to try a new style of music and create your own playlists. To get you started, here are some playlists on Spotify that may make you’re studying experience a little more interesting:

  • “Study Playlist”

  • “Intense Studying”

  • “Lofi hip hop music- beats to relax/study to”

  • “Deep Focus”

  • “Studying”