Club Hopping: Science Olympiad


Photo by Nicole Thomson

Science Olympiad is a competitive group that focuses on knowledge surrounding Science and Engineering.

I went to a Science Olympiad club meeting in room 120 on Wednesday. I learned that it is a club where you compete with other schools in various challenges exploring the topics of Science, Technology, and Engineering. For example, one challenge about who can build the strongest bridge out of wood. The bridges will be tested by the judges by putting heavy items on the bridge and seeing if it breaks like how my heart did when Zane died in the show Ninjago.

When there, I decided to ask some of the members of the club what they think of it.

“I, Aya Elzoghby senior, class of 2022, enjoy Science Olympiads. It is a fun club. You should join.” The member full of seniority and experience in this club, passionately went on to exercise her point, “I enjoy Science Olympiads very much. It is very fun.”

The teachers who run this club are Ms. Hall and Mr. Lipp. Ms. Hall is a teacher of several different science classes such as forensic science and astronomy. While Mr. Lipp teaches Astronomy and Chemistry. When I was there, they explained to the club their plans for how the group is going to prepare for the next competition and who will be on what teams.

One thing that intrigued me was that this club needed to make some money and how they are choosing to do that is through having some kids sell some candy.

After experiencing this club meeting, I have concluded that Science Olympiads is a club where kids get to learn teamwork and problem-solving. It looked like a club that required a lot of dedication and effort, but in the end it’s probably very satisfying to win the competition and see all your hard work pay off. If you enjoy Science in its various forms, you should join this club.