Club Hopping: Student Government


Photo by Colleen Turner

Joining Student Government means participating in class events while include fundraisers, Homecoming, and prom.

Student government is a club that is fundamental to represent kids’ thoughts and exists at most schools. This is where kids from the same graduating class, (2025, 2024, 2023, 2022) all organize events for the school together such as prom. They also compete against each other, such as at the beginning of the year how at homecoming they had to see who could create all the different floats the best etc.

Each class has different teachers who are their advisors, they provide guidance to the kids and help them along as they attempt to make decisions together. These people work with the class until they graduate. My class’s (2023) are: Mrs. Turner (an English teacher) and Mr. Eterno (Math teacher). A noteworthy adult that was there was Mr. Demarco (History teacher). Although he is not an advisor, he still likes to help us.

I decided to join student government because when I was a freshman, I watched the Homecoming plays with my sister, and I thought they were funny. This made me believe they were written by my fellow children. So, I thought “Yeah, I could probably do that.” This year I joined the student government with the plan of doing that. I was really surprised when I discovered it was an adult named Mr. Demarco who was writing these plays all along.

I asked if I could help him write the script. He agreed and told me I was the first student to ever come up to him and ask if I could do this, which made me feel like I was doing something groundbreaking. I was instructed to write a draft and that they’d see what they could do. Our skit was based off the Fresh Prince of Bel-air. To this day, I have never watched that show. This meant I had to investigate who the characters were. Therefore, I did not like the 90s theme. I wasn’t even alive when this show came out.

The draft I wrote pre-adult supervision was reportedly too dark. I had it so everyone in the skit hated Will Smith because of his inadequate skills in playing football compared to literally anyone else. Everyone (even the teachers) despised him so much they threw stuff at him. Eventually, he was expelled, which is the reason he started going to Pat-med in the first place.

After joining 2023’s student government and spending some time there, I would advise people who are looking for a club to work on projects with a community of kids their own age to join. You will meet others with shared interests through teamwork and maybe make a few friends.