JUNIOR PROM and What You Need to Know

Looking for some more information on the upcoming Junior prom? Well here I hope you find any answers you’re looking for.


Photo by Stereo Garden Banquet Hall

Stereo Garden plays hosts to a number of occasions and will be the location of this year’s Junior Prom.

Basic Information

The prom will take place at Stereo Garden May 13th from 7-11pm and the theme is rustic elegance. Prom tickets are going for $90 and will be sold in room 169 Monday-Thursday until April 14th.

What’s on the menu?

Appetizers: Mac and cheese station Chicken chunks as passing appetizer Sliders French fries

Drinks: Mocktails Soft drinks

Dinner Buffet: Penne a la Vodka Chicken Parmesan Carving Station Chicken Franchese Mashed Potato Station Meatballs 1 gluten free option Dessert: Cookies Brownies

What’s the transportation situation?

Students will get their own transportation to the venue. It is still being discussed if students will get “red carpet pictures” like the seniors had last year and the seating charts.

At the venue there will be a DJ, MC, and lighting/sound person.


That’s all for now!

Visit Stereo Garden’s Instagram for more pictures of the venue: https://link.edgepilot.com/s/2c385557/SOpqGXMqJECQc-b4JD22aw?u=https://www.instagram.com/stereogardenbanquets/

And keep up to date with prom info on the Junior 2022 prom Instagram: @classof23_jrprom