National School Library Month


Photo by Sadie Wisniewski

National Library Month is a time to give thanks to school libraries and their role at the heart of any school.

School libraries provide students with so many amazing things and, this is the month where we can give them a big thanks for all that they do!

The whole month of April is National School Library Month; but, the week of April fourth is the main week that is dedicated to it.

To kick off this month our school library celebrated “edible book day” which is April first by having students fill out a slip with a prompt that says, “I love my school library because……” to get a chocolate book of a cookie. This was a big hit because the librarians got so many heartwarming complements from the students and now, they get to hang up all the slips around the library to help celebrate this month.

Mrs. Franzese says, “I think for the most part the kids had positive comments about the library and I’m glad they feel welcomed.”

Mrs. Sclafani says, “Oh the comments were amazing! It is always our goal to make the kids feel welcomed and provide them with a safe place, and we are over the moon that we achieved that!”

The library is currently unsure if they will be doing any other activities for this month, but either way we will still show them how much we all love the library.

As many people of our school know, the library has updated this year after the pandemic. They have done so many amazing things for us such as providing the “Starbooks Café,” decorations and events. There are many different activities for many different students and classes to participate in. The library is a remarkable thing to be involved with whether that is coming during lunch or study hall, joining a club that takes place in the library, being a library intern or coming to do projects with your class.

What are some ways we can show compassion for all the important things our library has done for us during National School Library Month?

You can help our librarians with stuff around the library (even if you are not an intern, they would be more than happy to have to help during a free period), you can write a letter to the librarians to tell them how much you enjoy their space, promote some of the activities and events they do, make a poster for them to hang up or you can just simply tell them how much you enjoy the library in person. Either way, be sure to give a big thanks to the library and all the hard work they have put in for the students.