Are Practice Regents Exams Worth Your Free Time?


Photo by Sarah Terletsky

Due to the pandemic exemptions over the last two years, PMHS is offering practice Regents exams in order to give some students a better sense of what to expect this year as we return to standardized testing.

This past Saturday, May 21st, I participated in the US History Practice Regents Exam, and I personally feel that taking a practice exam was very helpful because it provided a reminder of what testing was like after a couple years of skipping it due to the pandemic. Even if you have studied for the upcoming Regents, it’s still important to immerse yourself in a testing environment so that you are fully prepared for all the factors of test-taking.

This includes nerves, your reading speed, how long it takes you to plan and write an essay, and how you should pace yourself. Although it is too late to sign up for practice exams now, it’s important to keep these things in mind for next year and for any other significant tests you are preparing for. Plus, you can always ask your teachers to help you find materials that you can use to create your own practice test over the upcoming break from school.

Whether you’re confident or terrified about the Regents exams, if you have some free time, I recommend *taking the three hours to complete a practice exam. It’s better to be overprepared and calm than underprepared and jittery when testing week finally arrives.

*Although the deadline to take this year’s practice tests has passed, it is something to consider doing next year if the school offers the opportunity again.