June is Pride Month: Here’s Why it’s Important


June is Pride month. Historically, those who identify as being part of the LGBTQIA+ population have face adversity but, June is a time to celebrate their great achievements toward equality.

Have you heard of the LGBTQ+ community? Do you know what it stands for? If not, the LGBTQ+ community are a group of people who diverge from heterosexuality and cisgender. Beginning in 1999 June was declared Pride Month and would be used to celebrate those who identified in this community. However, some argue that Pride Month is unnecessary. In order to fully understand the purpose of Pride Month let’s look at some LGBTQ+ history. 

Since the colonization of America people identifying as gay, lesbian, bi, or any other identify that diverged from the ‘norm’ were prosecuted for their differences. They were seen as ‘lewd’ or ‘sexual deviants’ for their love. People could be through into mental hospitals because identifying as gay could be viewed as a sickness or be sent away to conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is “a dangerous practice that targets LGBTQ youth and seeks to change their sexual or gender identities” (https://www.hrc.org/resources/the-lies-and-dangers-of-reparative-therapy). Often these programs are more harmful to the children placed in them, teaching them to hate and repress their true selves. The LGBTQ+ Community is often subjected to hate crimes ranging from bullying and harassment to murder and mutilation. Trans women of color are especially at risk of these violent acts (https://www.hrc.org/resources/hate-crimes).  

Same sex marriage wasn’t legalized in all 50 states of the USA until June 26, 2015. Still people face discrimination in America along with other countries that don’t accept LGBTQ+ people. Those who seek gender reaffirming medical care also face difficulties. With anti-gay legislation like the recent Anti-Transgender bill in Texas and the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill in Florida it puts heavy restrictions on people’s lives. Therefore, it’s so Important for Pride Month to exist, it reminds people of the complex history of the LGBTQ+ community and the hardships they face daily. 

For a more in depth look of LGBTQ+ history go to https://www.lgbtqhistory.org/lgbt-rights-timeline-in-american-history/ Or https://www.apa.org/pi/lgbt/resources/history