What to Look Forward to this Hispanic Heritage Month


Photo by Sarah Terletsky

Patchogue Medford High School staff members take pride in their Hispanic heritage.

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month and the Hispanic Heritage Club has some exciting activities planned! If you haven’t already heard of the Hispanic Heritage Club, their advisor, Ms. Molina-Duarte, says that their mission is to “educate students about Hispanic heritage” and to give all students, no matter what their heritage is, “an outlet to appreciate and celebrate the culture” in a social, welcoming environment. They hold monthly meetings after school to organize activities, fundraisers, and events based around Hispanic language and culture.

One of the topics they discussed at their last meeting was Hispanic Heritage Month, and how it should be celebrated. They have already started to display their Hispanic heritage pride with posters, flags, and bulletin boards. If you haven’t already noticed, the Languages hallway is beautifully decorated with the colorful flags of 21 Hispanic countries and a bulletin board that says, “21 Countries, One Language,” to show the unity between the different but similar countries. To add, across the hall from the Guidance Office there is a Latin-American map that is adorned with photos of staff members who have Hispanic heritage.

According to Ms. Molina-Duarte, the purpose of this poster is to provide successful, confident role models who take pride in their heritage for Hispanic students to look up to. However, there are a couple exciting events that have not occurred yet. One of those events is the Classroom Doors Contest, where competitors will decorate 21 classroom doors, one door to represent each country, to be judged by a committee of teachers. Additionally, there will be a Hispanic Cultural Assembly on October 14, which will be the grand finale to Hispanic Heritage Month.

If you would like to get involved, you should join the Hispanic Heritage Club. It’s open to everyone and they offer other fun activities year-round like dance groups, raffles, and field trips. The Hispanic Heritage Club is also a great place to practice your Spanish skills, seek help with language homework, and meet new people. If you are interested, email Ms. Molina-Duarte ([email protected]) or see her in room 107 after school.