ALS Challenge


Photo by Alison Mckeough

Math teacher, Mrs. Erickson is currently leading the way for most donations.

Back in 2014, the most popular online challenge was the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. This challenge consisted of filling a large bucket with lots of water and ice to then pour it on top of your head. The ALS Ice Bucket challenge was created to bring awareness and show your support to people with this devastating disease.
With more than 17 million people uploading their challenge videos in 2014, the ALS Association raised over $115 million after counting up the numerous donations they received after each time the challenge was completed. The money raised by the completion of the challenge was used for ALS research projects to search for and hopefully find a cure.
After having people participate all over the world in this challenge, The Patchogue-Medford High School community would like to participate and donate to this cause. We are participating by putting buckets in the Main Office with names of faculty members, students, and administration on them and asking people to donate money for the ALS cause. As they donate, they will put that money in the bucket with the participant’s name of their choosing. In the end, the name with the most money in their bucket after the votes get counted up will have to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge on Friday, June 1! Join us for a great cause and donate your money today. See the Teachers’ Center window for those who are in the running for a bucket fill.