Honoring Active Members of PMHS Media Organizations

Learning about Lit Mag, Yearbook, and our news media


Photo by Vincenza Vultaggio

Mr. Hanley, honorary inductee, poses with fellow Quill & Scroll 2018-2019 inductees. Top row from left: Stephanie Sheridan, Delaney Reh, Pelin Bozok, Gianna Gordon, Sarah Bacon. Bottom row from left: Naomi Nyugen, Rute Rodrigues, Nicolette Savattere, Andres Rendon, and Amber Brewer. Congratulations to all!

The Quill and Scroll is an International Honor Society for high school journalists that began by the University of Iowa on April 10, 1926. Since then, over 14,000 high schools have had the chance the recognize student journalists and their contributions to their school. Within Pat-Med, The Red and Black, The Record and The Fuse are all a part of this recognition.  

On November 1st, 2018, eleven students from our very own, were inducted into Patchogue Medford High School’s Chapter of The Quill and Scroll. Four were recognized for their achievements for our yearbook, The Record, and seven recognized for their dedication to the school newspaper, The Red and Black. All of the students demonstrate hard work for their achievements and help to promote our school’s publications and media.

The Literary Arts Magazine is titled The Fuse. It was published for our school in the years 2014-15 and 2016. It was not published last year, but will hopefully initiate again this year. They host our school’s annual Poetry Slam Night and include pieces. In the magazine, they include many forms of literature such as poems, quotes, and short stories. They even have artwork, digital and graphic, and it is all original art and photos from students. It is advised by English teachers, Mrs. Sforza and Ms. Perera.

“With the literary arts magazine moving into a different online platform the students will be able to have immediate access to the work that they submit. It’s for kids who have a more creative streak that tends more towards short stories and poetry and even digital and graphic artwork. It will hopefully make kids feel more involved and recognized,” said advisor, Ms. Perera.

The school yearbook club is titled The Record. A yearbook is revised and published over the course of each school year. They take photos at popular school events such as Raider bowl, Homecoming, and various club events and sports games. At their meeting they discuss the layout for the design of the covers and pages and create blurbs and captions for the pictures in yearbook. They design the artwork for inside too. They edit and revise and publish it for students to purchase at the end of the year. It is advised by our school Italian teacher, Mrs. Vultaggio.

“Yearbook is a document of all students who attend the district. It also recaps the year’s events making and creating lasting memories of special events, sports, and teachers. It also allows seniors a place to have a message from parents for their future endeavors and praise for success,” said advisor Mrs. Vultaggio.

The newspaper at Patchogue Medford High School is titled The Red and Black. The newspaper is online and articles are published daily. There are numerous categories: PMHS Life, A&E, News, Opinion, Sports, and Multimedia. Also, an additional element of our school news is the broadcast known as Raider TV. An episode is posted once or twice a month, covering events across the school and community. The site is award winning; most recently winning first place for best anchor team and third place for best broadcast at BASH. It is advised by English teachers, Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Mckeough.