Club Hopping: Empowering Minds Begins a New Year


Photo by Nicole Thomson

The Empowering Minds mural, with it’s bright colors and postive message, help PMHS students begin their day with the right mindset.

I hopped to Empowering Minds’ first meeting of the school year on Friday, and as someone who does not visit the guidance office frequently, I wasn’t sure what they meant when they said the club met there. I asked the secretary and she said to try going to the back where all the counselors have their offices. There was a group of students standing around and a lady came to greet us and asked if we were there for the club. Someone said yes and then we followed her into a room that looked like a conference room that had a nice painting on the wall that said “Dream Big, Take action”

We were offered the choice of either staying in that room to do crafts such as making bracelets or helping decorate the poster next to the door to the office in the hallway. Another girl and I were chosen and went outside and stapled paper pumpkins onto it in celebration of Fall. I showed the counselor that it would look good if we put the leaves at the stem of the pumpkins. So, when you’re walking down the Hallway that’s on the right from the main lobby, when you see pumpkins with leaves at their stems on the wall, know that was my doing.

Attending this meeting taught me that Empowering Minds is a club that meets once a month and is about spreading positivity and giving students a place where they can relax, do crafts, and hang out. If this seems appealing to you, you should consider becoming a member.