What to Look Forward to this Homecoming Season

There are so many fun activities to get involved in.


Photo by Alison Mckeough

This year’s homecoming theme is video games. The senior class constructed this bulletin for their chosen game, Mario Bros. In addition to Spirit Week, the classes write skits, build floats, and create bulletin boards to get our school ready for all of the events that make homecoming special in our district.

Homecoming season is here! It’s time to get into your school spirit and cheer on your classmates. I had the chance to speak to Ms. Romani to learn about how Homecoming is planned, and what thrilling activities they have in mind for this year.  

If you haven’t already heard, the theme for this year is video games. But who comes up with these themes and who makes the ultimate decision on which theme will be used for Homecoming? Ms. Romani explained that the themes are selected by the GO (General Organization) in the spring prior to the intended Homecoming year. They brainstorm, take student surveys, and vote to choose the upcoming theme. 


This year Homecoming is prefaced with spirit week, one of my personal favorites. The themes for each day are as follows: 


Monday: Pajama Day 

Tuesday: Anything but a Backpack (carry your books in a fun, unique bag or container other than a backpack) 

Wednesday: Country vs Country Club (dress up in a western country style or a preppy, high class outfit) 

Thursday: Hawaiian Day (the perfect day to show off your best Hawaiian shirt) 

Friday: Wear your Class Colors and Shirts 


Right after spirit week, Homecoming festivities start early on October 22nd at 9:30 am with the Homecoming parade where each grade will show off their beautiful floats. Afterwards, the comedy skits start at 11:45 am in the high school auditorium. The Homecoming game starts at 2:00 pm, and at half time the Homecoming court winners will be announced. 

Ms. Romani says that “Nobody does Homecoming like Patchogue Medford, so our goal is to provide the best experience for students and encourage school spirit.” So, get involved and have fun!