Newsday Festival Celebrates the Marching Bands


Photo by Courtesy of Pat-Med Music Department

PMHS’s Music Department marches into Newsday’s Band Festival

The Newsday Festival took place on October 18th. It was a very fun night for all the students and high schools since many high school marching bands on Long Island participated in this event.

The US Marines Band came to performed first and played patriotic songs such as “America the Beautiful” and the National Anthem as the first song that they played. It was very interesting to see all the variety of marching bands and the different styles of marching and music they each presented.

The whole festival was about four to five hours long. The reception from all the bands as well as the festival as a whole was very positive coming from both the other school districts and the parents.

The actual experience was incredible. The students from different school districts had a blast as did the audienc. For the Pat-Med Marching Band, the students performed very well. The time and dedication that has been put into this event by the students and the directors led to Pat-Med being one of the most technical bands that had performed that day.

For the past two months, the Marching Band has worked every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to perfect the music and the marching techniques. The hard work paid off with the performance the marching band had given.

The Pat-Med Marching Band played two movements as their pieces. “Ice Rain” and “Pink Houses.”  The band was constantly in step and emphasizing the dynamic level very well. The drum major Sam led the group and conducting them well, pulling off a stunning performance.

We asked band directors Mr. Carroll and Ms. Gutierrez questions about the festival.

Red & Black: As the newest marching band director for Patchogue-Medford High School, how does it feel to participate as a director of a band this size, and how was your Newsday Music Festival experience?

Mr. Carroll: It was truly an honor to be with such dedicated performers. The band performed one of the most technical and challenging shows of the night, and we got amazing compliments from the Newsday staff and other bands! I’m never been more proud of our Raiders! It was an experience that I will never forget!

R & B: How was your first Newsday Music Festival experience with PMHS? What was your best moment at the music festival? What can you say about the students who participated in the marching band?

Ms. Gutierrez: Although this was my 10th time going to the Newsday Festival, it was my first time going with Patchogue-Medford and it was an unforgettable experience. I felt so proud as I watched the excitement of both the students and the crowd during the performance.  To the students in the band, I will say that I have never seen a group of students who are so passionate about what they do best. I say this often, but I am so proud of each and every student and I consider myself lucky to be working with a group of the best kids.

We asked student, Aiden Gomes,  “What was your favorite part of the festival?”

“I am in the drumline as a quad player. My favorite part of the festival was the drumline solo at the beginning of the second movement. I think that we have played this year better than any other year I was in high school.”

Overall, the performance was a success and we look forward to the other great work our Marching Band will perform.