Do Your Part and Ride the Wave

PMHS’s Ecology Club leaving nothing but footprints on their first field trip of the year.

Have you ever seen trash on the beach? If you have, did you pick it up? Much of earth’s environment has been plagued with garbage piling up.

Beaches and the ocean are no exception to this. Plastic specifically has become a major problem and is often mistaken for food by sea animals. 

Patchogue-Medford’s Ecology Club sees theses issues and wants to do something about it. The group recently took a field trip to Gilgo Beach Club and spent the day combing over the beach and picking up trash.

The club’s president, Aileen Ramos, is very passionate about this issue and was excited to help the environment. “This was our first field trip of the year with many more to come. I’m so happy we were able to come out on a beautiful day to clean up the beach and take in Gilgo’s beauty.” 

The world is filled with many beautiful places that are being destroyed by people dumping their trash.

When you come to the beach take your pictures and leave nothing but footprints!”

— Gilgo Beach Surfer

Believe it or not you make an impact on the living things around you. Clean your messes and be considerate!” said Leah Dougherty, another avid member of the Ecology Club. 

While picking up trash, students kept track of the different types they found. 

As we picked up trash we were able to talk to some of the surfers there.

One surfer stated, “When you come to the beach take your pictures and leave nothing but footprints! And always ride the wave .”

So,  the next time you see trash at the beach or on the ground, pick it up and make a difference.