Painting the Town Red…and Yellow, and Blue, and…

PMHS Art Students Show Off Their Best Talent by Painting Store Windows on Main Street


Photo by Kristin Carlson

PMHS Art Students and Main Street Patchogue — the perfect partnership for bringing some autumnal joy to the community

Once again it is Homecoming season in Pat-Med, which means football and parades. But along with that, our school has a few other traditions. Every year some of our art students take a field trip down to Main Street in Patchogue to paint the local businesses’ windows.

It is a wonderful way to exhibit the students’ artistic abilities while also getting the town into the Homecoming mood.

Reese Salerno said,  “I loved driving by and seeing the windows my friends and I painted.” 

Not only did the students have fun but so did the local businesses. Many of the shops were more than happy to have these fall scenes decorating their stores.

“We had so much fun spreading the fall season into the town.” said Tori Libert.

You can go down yourself and see the autumn and homecoming designs throughout the village and while you are down there, stop in a few stores to support local business. 

Having these wonderful windows not only brightens up the town but brings a part of Patchouge-Medford High School to everyone.

Emma Blankensopp stated, “It’s a great way to show Raider pride on Main Street especially for our homecoming parade.”

Another of the art students said “painting on the windows gave them a break from the norm and added a bit of razzle dazzle to the town.”

This is fun and unique field trip is a way to shares amazing art with everyone. So please go down to Patchogue, take a look at all the amazing paintings and stay tuned for more 2022 Homecoming related news!