Midnights Breaks Hearts and World Records


Photo by Jacob Gabel

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Swifties, unite! Taylor Swift has just broken the world record for most streamed album and the most streamed artist in a single day with the release of her eleventh recorded studio album, entitled Midnights. From the words of Taylor herself, this record encompasses songs written on “sleepless nights” from the entirety of her career.

Swifts’ new album moves away from the indie- folk style of her two previous albums, Folklore and Evermore, and gravitates toward a more pop, electro-synth style. Swift has shown time and time again her ability to maneuver through genres of music; starting from country, to pop, to pop-rock, to indie-folk, and now back to pop. With this newest album receiving such love from the fans, she has once again shown that she can “swiftly” shift genres, all the while keeping her fan base large and happy.

From Taylor’s words herself saying she wrote these songs throughout her life; fans have started to put theories together about when and why she could have written each one. My personal favorite is about Track 5- You’re On Your Own, Kid. Fans have tossed and turned with the idea that this song is about her 1989 era.

The release of her fourth album was Taylor’s big move into pop music and granted her the title “Queen of Pop”, recognized by all in the music industry. The album is a fan favorite and a worldwide phenomenon. However, with the release of Swifts’ documentary, Miss Americana, fans learned the hard truth about Taylor’s life during those years. She was greatly unhappy with her life, and the people around her. This is when her feud with Kanye West began (for more information on that, you’re more than welcome to contact Karen Gabel), and her mental health declined rapidly while on tour.

While this tour broke the world record for the highest selling stadium tour, grossing over $200 million in North America alone, it also broke Taylor’s spirit. In the documentary, Taylor speaks about her mental health decline and her eating disorder issues. She recounts the times when she would nearly pass out because she wasn’t eating. All this information has led the fans to believe that Track 5 was written during or about this time because of the line in the bridge: “I gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this/ I hosted parties and starved my body/ Like I’d be saved by a perfect kiss.”

Taylor is known for leaving easter egg clues in all that she does, but right now she seems to be very open about her plans. She gave her fans the schedule of music video releases and talk show nights, however there’s one thing she is being very fishy about: touring. While on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, Fallon (being a swiftie himself) asked if she was planning on touring soon. Taylor’s responded with a simple “I want to… When the time is right, we’ll do it.”

This leaves fans with a buzz in their hearts, being that she has released four new albums since her last tour. This only leaves fans with the expectation that she will announce a tour soon, which is exciting for all! When she does announce dates, be sure to get your tickets (after I’ve secured mine, of course)!