The Social Media Celebration of Red (Taylor’s Version)

Last week, Taylor Swift re-released her album Red as Taylors Version which includes never-before released tracks and extended tracks including the 10-minute version of All Too Well.

Photo by Screenshot by Karen Gabel

Last week, Taylor Swift re-released her album Red as “Taylor’s Version” which includes never-before released tracks and extended tracks including the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.”

The re-release of the decade old album entitled Red, written and performed by Taylor Swift, has the internet buzzing with excitement. Being a life-long fan of Taylor myself, I can certainly say this is a momentous occasion in any Swiftie’s life. But why is Taylor re-releasing an album previously shared with the public, and what makes it different from the original recordings?

The question begs, why is Taylor re-releasing albums from her past? The answer is one man named Scooter Braun. Back in 2018, Swift left her record label, Big Machine Records (owned by Scooter Braun), and signed with her current label, Republic Records. Swift is a strong believer that artists should own their work, and after she lost a legal battle where she pleaded for ownership of her previous albums, Swift left the label. So, since she couldn’t gain ownership of her albums, Swift is re-releasing them with the objective that people will listen to her version, and she will gain the profits from the work she spent her entire life making.

Taylor’s goal of her re-released albums is to make them sound as close to the original as possible so that people will be less inclined to listen to the old version. With that in mind, it is clear to hear the difference between a 22-year-old singer and a 31-year-old. She has grown and matured, and her voice has matured with her.

Not only did Talor release her previously publicized songs, but she also added nine new “From the Vault” tracks. “From the Vault” is an expression Taylor coined meaning they were songs originally written at the time of the album but did not make it onto the album. With the nine tracks, Swift released a total of 30 songs, one being ten minutes long.

The ten-minute track, All Too Well, is something that Taylor has been teasing her fans with for years. The original five-ish minute recording was released with her original album, and fans have been begging for the full length for a long time. If you want to read more about this song, check out the article on our website!

My personal favorite off the re-record album is a “From the Vault” track, entitled Nothing New ft. Phoebe Bridgers (Taylor’s Version). Being a Pheobe Bridgers fan as well, this track is a world-colliding experience. This song is about a young girl thinking she can take on the world as a younger person, and then realizing as she gets older the hardships of being a woman. She shows her vulnerability to the receiver of the song saying, “will you still want me when I’m nothing new?” I appreciated this line because I think many young girls can relate to it. In today’s world, the pressures young girls face is immensely difficult and can be incredibly hard to bear if you feel alone.

Taylor Swifts music can reach so many demographics because she writes her music in a way that can be relatable to everyone. Her words have the power to make us feel less alone and give us hope to carry on. I recommend to anyone feeling alone to listen to Taylor Swift, and hopefully you can find some clarity in her light.