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10 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Work This 2nd Quarter!

Welcome to the second quarter of the 2023-2024 school year! Here are ten tips to stay on top of your work and improve your grades. 
Photo by Martina Costigliola
Here are some examples of what you should be using to get your work done!


  1. Get an agenda! 

Keeping track of all your homework is impossible, so getting an agenda will help you stay on track of everything you need to complete in a timely fashion. 


2. Be interactive in class! 

Raising your hand and engaging in your classes will enforce everything you are learning.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class as it will help you better understand what you may be confused about.  You will also be helping others as many are wondering the same thing as you. 


3. Attend extra help at least once a week. 

Going to extra help can help you reinforce information you learned in class that didn’t stick with you, or you can just go to study for tests and quizzes and ask your teacher questions. 


4. Start studying for tests and quizzes at least 2 days in advance! 

Trying to remember everything you learned from one unit the night before the test isn’t something someone trying to improve their grades this quarter should do. What you should do is gather all the information you need a few days before, and then spend the next few days trying to reinforce it. This keeps your skills sharp so you can ACE that test! 


5. Check the portal weekly! 

Remembering to check the student/parent portal is critical in staying on top of your work.  By doing this, you can make sure you aren’t missing any work you may need to complete and clear things up with your teachers before the end of the quarter. 


6. Keep your notebooks and binders organized!  

Having neat and clean materials will help you to stay focused and make it easier for you to find the work you need to study from and/or complete it. Empty out your completed packets and tests from your different subjects into another folder at home to keep for reference, because you may eventually need them for final exams. This also frees up space in your binders you need for school. 


7. Make friends with the people in your classes! 

Making new friends and bonding with your classmates is beneficial in more ways than one. Have a question or need help with the homework? Text a friend in your class! Working on group projects in class will also be easier if you know who you’re working with, and you can get a better grade! 


8. Download every student software app! 

Downloading Schoology, Outlook, and Student Square on your phone can keep you updated on any new information from your teachers or other administrators from wherever you are. 


9. Put your phone on “do not disturb” to keep you fully focused when you study! 

We all get easily distracted by our phones every now and then.  To prevent scrolling on TikTok while you “study,” try putting your phone on “do not disturb” mode, so you won’t be tempted to pick it up again while you work on your schoolwork.  Not only is it important to do this when you study at home but also during class as your phone can be an interruption. 



Charging your laptop every day the night before school and bringing your charger to school in case of an emergency will help you stay on track during class. You won’t have to ask anyone else for their charger, and your laptop will never die on you, meaning you’ll never miss out on a lesson. 


Hopefully these ten tips help you complete your schoolwork to the best of your ability this quarter! 

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