Greta: A Review

The Red & Black goes to the movies to review the latest thriller


Photo by Matt McCabe

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Greta, starring Chloë Grace Moretz as Frances, and Isabelle Huppert as the titular character, is a dark thriller that explores the what if that sits in the back of everyone’s mind. The film is a cautionary tale, that reinforces the principle “no good deed goes unpunished.” Shortly after losing her mother, naive Frances McCullen finds a lost bag on the subway and tries to return it, unwittingly making herself the fixation of mentally unstable Greta Hideg.

The movie is a slow burn, building to an agonizing climax that’s difficult to sit through. Many of the themes displayed in the film are profoundly disturbing and it more than earns its R rating. It might not be the best choice for anyone with a weak stomach.

Huppert’s performance in the film was nothing short of masterful. She portrays the role of Greta perfectly, balancing the maternal side of the character with the deadly psychotic tendencies, and displaying her inner turmoil while maintaining a mask of numbness. Such a complex persona is difficult to execute well, but Huppert does just that. Another performance that shouldn’t be overlooked is that of Maika Monroe, who played Frances’ best friend and roommate, Erica. Monroe took what could’ve been a one dimensional supporting character and gave her depth, making her a memorable part of the film.

When it hit theaters on March 1st, Greta proved itself as more than a cheap teen horror movie earning a 58% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.2 stars on IMDB. It’s a great film that everyone who thinks they can handle the disturbing psychological aspect and gory scenes should check out.