BOCES Programs Allow Students to make Senior Year Unforgettable


Photo by Nicole Socko

Students will the BOCES Animal Science program get up close and personal with all kinds of animals in order to better understand their care and development. For those interested in veterinary science, grooming, rescues, this is the program for you.

Learning culinary skills, how-to shoot professional films with real equipment, contractor-worthy electrical work, and even animal restraint could all be part of a rigorous and rewarding learning experience.

A chance to spice up the average eight-hour day and obtain real-world experience cannot be passed up. Our high-school gives us exactly that, and a little more, with the new programs offered through our partnership with BOCES. 

Something that really drew me into the BOCES School was the wide range of programs and opportunities they offer. I chose the Animal Science program, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

BOCES is a vocational school with multiple trades that gives you a real-world experience. Not only are you learning a trade that you are actually interested in, but most times students receive certificates and internships through their selected program.

For example, through the Animal Science program, you are able to intern at various hospitals and rescues on Long Island while also receiving a grooming license at the end of the year. 

“A skill, a trade, whatever you like to call it, it’s important to remember how valuable our vocational students really are.””

— Mrs. Mongiello, Animal Science I teacher

Another reason BOCES seems to benefit me was the scheduling aspect. Certain courses at the technical center allow you to opt-out of English, math, and other core courses and replace the credit with BOCES credits.

My program in particular covers the English, math, and science credits I would need to receive in order to graduate. This allows me to have early release and makes my school day so much more enjoyable.  

The opportunities of what BOCES can offer you are endless. They have leadership clubs such as Skills USA, internship and job openings, and an eclectic group of teachers and staff to guide you through everything.

At the same time, it makes homeschool (our high-school) just a little bit easier by eliminating those classes we would normally be required to fill our schedule with and replace them with the trade class you’re truly passionate about.  

Photo by Nicole Socko
Mrs. Mongiello leads the class through a lesson in Animal Science I.