Homecoming Season is Ramping Up and The Commotion is Rising

Spirit Week is at its peak.


Photo by Dillon Paul

The Class of 2021 hard at work to have their float take flight -- their selection for this year's theme of Disney Classic is Peter Pan!

Patchogue-Medford High School has always been revered for its school spirt and its students’ willingness to participate in school events. This year’s homecoming is no exception.

As always, we will have the floats, the skits, the Homecoming King and Queen ceremony, and best of all, the Football Game.

The floats are one of the elements of homecoming that many students take the most pride in. Students spend hours on end creating and perfecting their float. These students have real school pride and it’s amazing to see what can be done by the hard work of some dedicated teens.

The Red & Black took a trip to the Junior Class float site to help out and observe the great school spirit atmosphere.

There was fun music, a lot of chemistry, and teamwork among the students. Even with all the laughs, students are working their hearts out to build this float and make it the best it can be.

The terrific students at Pat-Med have also been working on the skit for a while and they have made something truly worthwhile to watch. We caught up with Conner Regan, an avid participant in school events such as the skit and the float building, and he had this to say:

“This year’s skit is a unique take on Peter Pan and includes a lot of great music and jokes. It’s a very fun skit both to be a part of, and to watch.”

One of the lesser known aspects of Homecoming is the election of the Homecoming King and Queen. However, people have been voting for the Homecoming King and Queen all week and the excitement is rising. With several contestants in the race, there’s no telling how will win the crown this year.

This year the football team is creating more excitement than before. With stars on the field like Tyree Jackson and Adrian Rutkowski, we are surely in for a lively Homecoming. With the team already having an outstanding record in the season, we are sure to have more supporters than we’ve seen in many years.

Homecoming 2019 is almost here, and the commotion truly matches the occasion. Students are getting ready and the excitement is ramping up.