Trick or Treat Street


Photo by Nicole Socko

Younger students in our district dressed up, played games, and were rewarded with candy at PMHS's successful Trick or Treat Street.

Safe, accessible, and a candy bucket full of fun! The High School’s annual trick or treat street had another year of success with little monsters crawling through the school.

Every year our own high school hosts the Trick or Treat Street: a safe and fun way to trick or treat for Halloween.

It’s becoming more and more dangerous out there and sometimes parents just don’t feel comfortable taking their kids out late at night. This provides a great alternative.

It’s also great if you have your own plans on Halloween but your parents want you to take your younger siblings out, it’s basically the same.

Each classroom is assigned to a different club. Some of the clubs included Spanish Honor Society, Key Club, National Honor Society, Red Cross and more.

With that room comes individual activities and of course buckets and buckets of candy. It’s inevitable that each room runs out of candy at some point in the night.

Key Club/ Spanish Honor Society had mini golf while other rooms had tattoo stations, haunted houses, ring toss, bowling and so much more.

Prizes, tattoos, costumes, and candy — what more could a kid want? While some of the trick-or-treaters came in waiting for the games, some of them grabbed the candy and left. Needless to say there was something for everyone.

“What is your favorite game of the night so far?” we asked a tiny Spiderman.

“I like the tattoos and my mom said they last for until I can get a real one,” he answered as loudly as he could.

The hallways were crazy with swarms of kids running to each room back and forth.

It was really cute seeing all of the creative costumes and to see them having so much fun. It’s about making the night fun for the kids and it turned out to be a great night for everyone involved.