Decade Recap


Photo by Jayde Iannone

We're closing out another decade this season so, we've got all the major events from the last 10 years.

The decade is ending and teenagers all around the world don’t know how to feel about it. We are growing up and it’s a concept that’s hard to grasp. I decided to bring back memories and take the top three things of each year and list them for you. This year alone was insane, but what happened throughout the whole decade?


  • April 3rd: The first Ipad was released
  • October 31st: The first season of The Walking Dead was released
  • TiK ToK by Kesha was the #1 song on the Billboard Charts


  • March 11th: Rebecca Black released her hit song “Friday”
  • “Rolling in The Deep” by Adele was the #1 song of the year
  • Planking was a viral hit


  • Gangnam Style” was a viral sensation
  • “The Avengers” was the top movie of the year
  • Barack Obama was re-elected


  • “selfie” was added to the dictionary
  • Paul Walker was killed in a car crash
  • “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke was the hit song of the year


  • The Ebola epidemic was a global crisis
  • Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store
  • How I Met Your Mother aired it’s last episode


  • The blue and black/white and gold dress debate was a thing
  • Same-Sex marriage was legalized nationwide
  • Everyone was obsessed over the “Hotline Bling” music video


  • Donald Trump was elected as president
  • January 10th: David Bowie Passed Away
  • Love yourself by Justin Bieber was the hit song of the year


  • August 17th: Hurricane Harvey destroyed parts of Texas and Louisiana
  • June 13th: Beyoncé gave birth to twins
  • August 21st: We witnessed the solar eclipse


  • February 16th: Black Panther was released
  • The debate over “Yanny” and “Laurel” was a thing
  • Kylie Jenner gave birth


  • September 20th: The Area 51 raid meme became reality
  • April 26th: Avengers: Endgame had everyone crying
  • “Old town road” by Lil Nas X is so far the song of the year


Looking back, most of us forgot that most of these events happened. Some people want to go back and others just want the new decade to start. Take a moment and ask yourself,  how do  you feel about the decade ending?