Thirteen Year Now and More to Come

Girls Varsity Tennis


Photo by Island Photography

Varsity girls tennis player serves up a shot during practice this season.

Coach Steve Molinaro has lead the Varsity Girls Tennis team into the league playoffs for the last thirteen years, including this year and does not plan on stopping now.

“I feel confident that next year the team will celebrate our 15th time making the playoffs, especially in my senior year,” says junior, Olivia Thorgersen.

In high school tennis, there are individual playoffs and then team playoffs. Individuals, when all players compete for themselves instead of the team as a whole, occurred on Friday, October 11. Teams will take place on the 22nd at Mt. Sinai Middle School.

This year, from all of the Varsity starters, doubles team and twins, Drea and Aly Pierro and singles player Isabelle Baginski made All County in the individual playoffs while only in their second year of high school.

As for the team playoffs, expectations are high since the team is losing seven seniors at the end of the season and all seven are determined to go out with a win.

“I’m so excited to see all the girls hopefully succeed in their matches but it’s also super nerve-wracking” said senior, Nicole Socko.

For thirteen years in a row, the girls tennis team has made the playoffs which is more than any other sport in Patchogue-Medford. Good luck to the team as they play against some of the best schools on Long Island in their team playoffs!