School Sports This Year At Pat Med


Photo by Luciana D'Ambrosio

We are hoping to fill these bleachers soon with enthusiastic, masked spectators cheering on our Raiders in the spring season!

Many questions are being asked as to what is happening with sports this school year. Will we have a season for each sport? Will there be any new restrictions due to COVID-19? What should we expect this upcoming spring?

After months of being stuck at home with the desire to go back out and play our sports again, we are informed that all school sports are postponed till January 2021. This was heartbreaking not only for student athletes yearning to get back out on the field or on the court, but for the students who enjoy taking part in going to the games and supporting our fellow classmates in the sports they love to play.

Starting October 13th, all sports will have workouts/trainings on specific days of the week. These trainings are open to all students! The cohort you are in determines what days you will attend these trainings. The coaches will provide you with more information regarding the days each sport will take place and the days that you are allowed to attend.

Section 11 has decided that all winter sports will begin January 4th and will run till February 26th. Fall sports will take place March 1st through April 23rd. Spring sports, April 26th through June 16th. This has been organized so that sports can run how they normally would and not interfere with one another. Students will then have the ability to play multiple sports throughout the school year. The only change that has been made is that boy’s golf is now in the spring sports category due to weather aspects.

Game schedules have not been finalized, but will most likely be posted by November. Yes! Games during the season will be happening! Athletes are required to wear masks and social distancing regulations are still being determined.

As a student athlete myself, I was extremely happy to hear all of the decisions that were made and I know I’m not the only one who is excited for the sports seasons to start.