Simple Ways to Care for your Health this Year

Stay happy and healthy this new year with nutritious snacks!


Photo by Sarah Terletsky

Kick off the new year with some healthy habits.

If you have a list of resolutions this year to bring out the new you for the new year, you may be looking to improve your health. You can start small by trying a few simple steps to care for your physical, mental and social health needs.


Fun workouts

  • Although it is a bit cold this time of year, there are always opportunities to stay active outdoors. On warmer days, walks at local parks or around your neighborhood could provide a refreshing breath of fresh air. Plus, even cold and snowy days give you the chance to play outdoors with friends and family without even noticing how active you really are. However, if you prefer to stay toasty indoors there are plenty of ways to stay active inside. There are plenty of workout videos, dance class videos, games like Twister, and many other options to have fun while staying healthy.


Healthy snacks

  • Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or pop tarts after school, even though they are very tempting, try a healthier alternative that tastes just as good. I personally like apple slices or banana slices with peanut butter, yogurt with a pinch of chocolate chips, Cheerios, and trail mix. You could also try berries with yogurt, fruit or traditional salad, hummus with vegetables, and granola bars.

Getting more sleep

  • Not getting enough sleep is a common problem, especially among students, which can interfere with your ability to perform well in school or work. It can be much easier said than done to get at least eight hours of sleep every night due to many factors like overwhelming amounts of work or built-up stress but taking small steps could help. One step you can try is to create a routine so that you can get used to falling asleep and waking up at the same time every day. It may also be helpful to either put away your phone or find calming content to fall asleep to like ASMR, white noise, or a boring documentary so that you’re less stimulated before bed.

Spend some time on something you enjoy

  • Sometimes when we become very busy, we neglect ourselves. When under a lot of stress, it may help to spend thirty minutes every day engaging in an activity you enjoy. You could unwind by watching your favorite show, stimulate your imagination by reading a book, satisfy your creative cravings by drawing or playing an instrument, or anything else that can ease your mind.

Spend time with friends outdoors or online

  • Spending time with friends can be complicated due to the pandemic, but there are still ways you can cultivate your relationships. For example, organizing a small gathering at an outdoor location like a park or a beach might be a good way to spend time together in person. On the other hand, you could still spend time with friends from the comfort of home through video calls, social media, online games, and so on.

Join a club at school

  • Even though social gatherings can be complicated, school clubs are a great way to spend time with friends and make new ones in a safe environment. There are many clubs where students can share common interests like Book Club or Photography Club. To add, there are plenty of clubs where students can work together to serve the community like the PACK Club which prevents animal cruelty, and the Letters for Rose Club which writes letters and creates artwork to give to seniors in assisted living homes to cheer them up.