#9: Samantha Horgan


Photo by A. Mckeough

Samantha Horgan, Class of 2022 Top Ten

Q: Do you have advice for other students who are working toward the Top Ten?

A: One piece of advice would be to not compare yourself to other students. Everyone learns differently so success will look different for everyone. By focusing on my own academic journey, I found I was less stressed and ended up doing better in my classes as a result.


Q: Choose one other member of the top ten and tell us something you admire about them.

A: I’d have to say I admire Sam Lorenzo. After knowing him since elementary school, he has always been a hard worker and definitely deserves to be valedictorian.


Q: What are you planning to do beyond high school?

A: After high school I plan on attending Stony Brook University to study biochemistry. After working as a tutor, I could definitely see myself becoming a teacher in the future but for now I know I want to further explore the fields of biology and chemistry.


Q: Any special shout outs to people in your life that may have helped you on this journey?

A: I wouldn’t be here without Mr. Draghi, Mrs. Vollaro and Ms. Hanley. They helped me discover my passion for science and always pushed me to be a better student and person.


Q: What’s your go-to study snack when you’re pulling an all-nighter?

A: I’ve honestly never pulled an all nighter! Sleep is too important for me but if I had to pick a study snack it would probably be fruit.