Don’t “Fall” into Bad Habits


Photo by Sarah Terletsky

How could you not spend time outside when the trees look like this?

As it gets chilly this October, you might be inclined to curl up under a blanket and stay inside all day, every day. Or maybe you are stressed out as you try to keep up with work and you’re barely getting any rest. While there’s nothing wrong with staying cozy and being productive, it’s still important to maintain your physical and mental health. There are so many ways to stay active and cheerful this autumn so that you don’t fall into bad habits that leave you exhausted and sluggish.  


 1. Go for a Walk to See the Autumn Leaves

Taking a stroll, or a run if you’re inclined to do so, surrounded by fiery crimson, crisp orange, and vivid yellow leaves is great for multiple aspects of your health. Staying active and getting out in the sun and fresh air is of course physically beneficial, while losing yourself in the beauty of nature’s bright, changing leaves is mentally beneficial. 


 2. Indulge in Snacks

Many people enjoy the variety of feast-worthy foods that are served on holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more. However, too much candy, pies, roasts, and other dishes can leave you feeling sick. If you are looking for lighter alternatives you should consider trying apple chips, kettle corn, and roasted pumpkin seeds. 


 3. Calm Your Thoughts with Crafts

Any type of arts and crafts can help stop swirling thoughts, whether they are as simple as garland or as complex as a miniature haunted house. You could put on a scary movie and carve a pumpkin for Halloween, listen to a cozy audiobook while you draw a hand turkey, or listen to an autumn playlist while you hang up dried leaves in your room. 


 4. Plan an Event with Friends and Family

Around this time of year many different activities start popping up at farms, parks, and other places. So, invite your friends to a haunted house or spooky walk and laugh at their shrill screams. If you don’t enjoy being scared, then head to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard with your loved ones. You can take excellent pictures, try new homemade foods at farm stands, or make pies at home.  


5. Cozy Up with a Good Book, Movie, or Show

Although staying inside all the time isn’t good, burrowing into a pile of blankets and relaxing occasionally is still healthy for you. Decompressing with a book, movie, or other entertainment can be a great distraction from everyday stressors. This will help clear and refresh your mind so you can be productive the next time you have to sit down and work.