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Mrs. Hall
Photo by Sadie Wisniewski
Mrs. Hall is a motivated teacher here at PMHS. She believes that teaching kids living environment, forensics, and living environment helps them to have a better grasp on the world around them.

Our second featured teacher is Mrs. Hall. She is a teacher in the science department and teaches Living Environment, Forensics, and in the past has taught Environmental Science.

“I enjoy teaching different kinds of classes because I get to know students in all different grades.”- Mrs. Hall suggests.

Mrs. Hall was asked select questions that go beyond what goes on in the classroom and these were her answers:

Q: When did you start working in the district?

A: I started working in the district in September 2017.

Q: What is something you make sure to do with all your classes that you believe benefits your students?

A: I try hard to get to know my students and make them feel welcomed in the classroom. I believe it’s important to have a safe place to go where you can tell your teacher what’s going on in your life, and they will listen to you but also hold you accountable and have expectations.

Q: What are your passions outside of being a teacher?

A: I love to read, I have a dog, I enjoy going to the beach, and I love to go on long walks.

Q: What made you want to become a science teacher?

A: First of all, I love working with kids, getting to know them, and helping them to understand what they are capable of. Science is fun in getting kids to engage in activities. It also helps kids to better understand the world around them and the things they see on a daily basis.

Q: What is one word you would use to describe yourself when you were in high school and why?

A: I’d say friendly, I tried hard to be friends with everyone and help them to feel like they had someone to talk to. I never wanted anyone to feel lonely. I was always part of many clubs in high school.

Q: Who is a person in your life that had an impact on you and how did they change you?

A: My sister, we are best friends. She’s a few years older than me, so she always looked out for me. She made me know that I could do anything I wanted to do. She was always in my corner and pushed me to do what I was capable of.

Q: What was your intended major when you first got to college, does it reflect what you do now?

A: I first went for elementary education and during my freshman year I changed it to biology. I always loved science and I wanted to learn more. Being a biology major allowed me to do what I enjoyed while also working to become a teacher. I ended up majoring in biology and minoring in education.

Q: If you could say one thing to your high school self, what would it be and why?

A: Don’t worry about what other people think, always be yourself, and people will appreciate you for who you are.

Q: What is one word of advice that you want to share with the world?

A: Be kind to others you never know what they are going through, it is better to spread joy and happiness than bring people down

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