Why Going to a Concert Is Good for Your Health

There are many reasons to enjoy a night out with great music and friends- and they are healthy!

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Going to a concert is good for your health. I mean that literally. Not only do you get the roar of your favorite music blasting all around you, but stress levels decrease, pain can be relieved and you get in some exercise!
Obviously, when you are at a concert, you are not thinking about your cortisol levels. However, maybe you should. Going to a concert decreases the amount of cortisol and other stress hormones released, making you feel relaxed. Therefore, a concert is the perfect idea after a long week.
Attending a music performance may not be on people’s minds after being injured or getting out of surgery but studies show that when you’re excited your brain releases endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that block your sense of pain. Listening to music in general can help but the excitement that correlates with being present there near the stage is unmatched.

Nobody goes to a concert in hopes to get in their exercise for the day. However, without even thinking about it, you are probably working out even more than usual at a concert. Between walking to the venue, jumping and even dancing, you are getting in shape without even trying!

There are so many other reasons to go to a concert like supporting your favorite artist or band and having a good time with people who like the same music as you. There is nothing like the experience!

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