One Last Time


Photo by Photo courtesy of Mrs. Katz

It was a great feeling to run down the field; it's bittersweet to know that it would be the last time. Senior Gianna Gordon plays for the Raiders for the last time.

Every senior in high school remarks on the “last” of everything throughout the year. The last Homecoming, the last Friday night football game, but once it starts happening, it almost seems surreal. And it all happens way too fast.

As I stepped out onto the field for the last time, many emotions crossed me. Excitement, pride, but also sadness.

Before the game started, I did my last handshake with my teammate, my last chant with the team. I have been playing field hockey for seven years now and the feeling of competing for the last time left me bittersweet. 

The final minutes of the game approached and my last few bursts of adrenaline kicked in. Until, I broke down into tears as I congratulated my goalie on the shut out and my team on the win.

That had been my last game of field hockey ever. I never thought that day would come and now that it has, all I could do is look back on it. 

Throughout these years, I have created countless memories, long lasting friendships and developed a strong passion for the sport. The smiles, laughs, wins, frustration and tears brought from this sport will never be matched.

I will always wish I could have continued in college, but field hockey is something I will never forget. It has taught me what it means to keep your composure, stay focused and, above all, it has taught me to keep moving forward.