EvoTech Rides Up the Elevator of Success

PMHS VE Class Wins Top Prize at Local Competition at LIU Post


Photo by Hallie Roche

EVO Tech takes first place prize at LIU Post

Pat-Med’s very own Virtual Enterprise firm, EvoTech, participated in the fourth annual Leadership Conference at Long Island University CW Post Campus on Friday, October 27th.They participated in the Elevator Pitch Competition against 90 other Long Island firms and took 1st place. The Elevator Pitch lasts 60 seconds, and must cover topics such as company goals, new products, how to purchase them, and why. Our pitch was presented by the Director of Media Presentations, Erin Winn, to a crowd of over 1,500 attendees. Mr. Butzke commented, “We are extremely proud of the effort and presentation by the EVOTech Team lead by Erin. To be the best out of 90 other firms says a lot about what we are doing here.” The winning pitch was about our company, its three new products, and our company mission. It won us $1,000 towards our Virtual Enterprise class for materials.

Virtual Enterprise is a virtual world company filled with all types of businesses created by high school students in a virtual world. This economy would be the fourth highest GNP economy in the world today. At Pat-Med, EvoTech is an environmentally-friendly technological company with twenty-eight employees, all Pat-med juniors and seniors, and run by our facilitator, Mr. Butzke. This year we added three new products to our catalog line that were introduced to the judges through Winn’s successful presentation. Erin Winn states, “The LIU Post competition was a great experience.  Going into the elevator pitch I was just looking to try my hardest and hoped it paid off. When we made it into the semi finals we were all so happy we made it that far. When we won the whole team was shocked but extremely happy. I couldn’t have done it without the rest of the VE Team behind me. From the students who came up with the products to Cici in sales working on the pitch and encouragement from everyone else it was a great time. Also a thanks to Mr Butzke for pushing us and for all his effort.”The new products are the TC-Hoodie, Evo Pack, and Auto-Air. The TC-Hoodie is a temperature-controlled hoodie so you can change the temperature at your will. The Evo Pack is a waterproof backpack that wirelessly charges your devices, and is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers. The Auto-Air is a car exhaust pipe attachment that filters out harmful toxins. All of our virtual products use either thermal or solar charging to operate and help the environment.

While these products aren’t real, they can be patented in the future by our students. Some of our products from earlier firms even came to life from real companies, such as Google Glasses and the Apple Watch, which are similar to our Speculus and EvoBand, EvoTech had them first.

EvoTech hopes to enjoy continued success this year, all culminating on an enriching field-trip to the New York City International Virtual Enterprise Trade Show, where we interact in real life with hundreds of other firms from around the globe.

Virtual Enterprise is a great way to gain exposure to the business world. It can be a demanding class at times, but, the experiences and opportunities make it all worthwhile. For any student thinking about being in business, this is a must course.

Congrats to Erin Winn and EvoTech on their win!