Welcome Class of 2022!

A new group of students has joined the PMHS family.

Photo by Delaney Reh
The Class of 2022 — welcome to PMHS

It is a typical summer day outside- hot, sweltering, humid. Athletes are in the middle of their second-week workouts. Inside the school; however, it is a completely different story. Scuffling to place last minute accommodations for the 500+ students soon entering the school, volunteers and administrators alike scramble to set up for the events of the day. Freshman orientation has arrived.

I can still remember my experience entering the high school for the first time. It was everything- the trepidation, the anticipation, the anxiety, the excitement- bundled up inside the naive high school freshman. How quickly the tables have turned in just three short years — I am now the one welcoming the new students.

The high school was a completely new environment, a convergent point for the three middle schools that make up our district. Finding their assigned table, the new students waited in line to pick up their schedules and ID cards; the dismay they exclaimed when they saw their pictures was not uncommon. In fact, some of the students missing ID cards were actually happy to be able to retake their pictures. After filing into the only slightly cooler auditorium, Dr. R. welcomed the hundreds of students into their life for the next four years. Along with a short presentation by the high school AFJROTC, the freshmen enthusiastically chattered amongst themselves about the plethora of opportunities that had just been provided.

The day was far from over. Based on schedule colors, senior volunteers were assigned to groups of approximately 50 students to give tours around the enormous campus. Meandering the lively crowds through the hallways, we hopefully explained the gists of how to navigate the building: “Here are the history and English classrooms.” “That hallway is mainly used for math and science.” “At the Hall of Fame, we memorialize Michael P. Murphy and other veterans for their service to our country.” “This is the student cafeteria, where you can buy lunch in a food court fashion.” Most importantly, we reassured the teachers would be super lenient during the first couple weeks, and it was completely fine if they got lost. And of course, we checked out the swimming pool on the fourth floor!

Leading them to the field, we were hit with the atrocious blast of moist, sweltering heat. While there was a barbeque outside serving everything from hot dogs to hamburgers, the huge mass of bodies under the unbearable gleam of the sun was enough to push many back indoors. After lunch, students were welcome to walk around the building themselves, and even sign up for clubs they were interested in. Along with the signing of the official “Class of 2022” banner, the fun-filled day also allowed old friends to meet up before summer break ended.

To the Class of 2022, welcome to the high school! Yes, everything might be a little frightening the first few weeks of school. But remember, all of your peers will be going through the exact same thing you are. Don’t hesitate to ask help from administrators, teachers, security guards, even any upperclassmen walking around. Freshman year is a time of adjustment, but also of making new friends and experiencing new things. Join clubs that sound interesting, like the Red and Black. Play a sport. High school can be scary, but it is up to you to make the most of it and have fun. Good luck!