Are You Late?

Why do we have a new bell schedule?


Photo by Alison Mckeough

Watch the clock! Students and teachers are still getting used to PMHS’s new bell schedule.

As this school year has just come to a beginning, there is one distinct change that is different than years past. The bell schedule has been completely changed. The two most notable changes are that school now starts at 7:20 rather than 7:50 and the other change that has also affected students is that there is now only four minutes of passing time between classes. The decrease in passing time is to accommodate the extended class periods. Classes are now forty six minutes long, which is six more minutes longer than it was during previous school years.

As some people might have questions, I asked PMHS Principal, Dr. Rusielewicz the following questions:  “Has the new bell schedule caused any changes this year?” and “What are some current benefits that you are seeing with the new bell schedule?” According to Dr. R, “The bell schedule reduces the passing time in between periods from 5 minutes to 4 minutes. We are assessing student movement each period each day to evaluate its effectiveness. It is still too soon, but we are seeing students moving quicker and getting to class sooner. The additional minutes were dedicated to increasing classroom instructional time.”

It can be tough to get started so early but before people get out their pitchforks just remember that the school did not set this rule in place. This rule is by New York State Education Department regulating that there needs  to be more teaching minutes in the school day.