Have the Winter Blues?

Tips for keeping your spirits bright!


Photo by Julianna Hicks

There’s no denying this winter has been gloomy – with each day appearing on the verge of some winter storm but, never quite arriving.

Sad about the holidays being over? Discouraged by the gloomy weather and need a little positivity boost? Then these tips should help when it comes to treating the Winter Blues.

The winter months can feel a little dreary. The cold temperatures, long work and school days, and the constant chapped lips are sure to make anyone just want to crawl into bed and binge on junk food all day. This condition has a name: Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. 

SAD is a recurring depressive disorder in which depressive episodes occur during the same months each year. It’s very common, with more than three million cases reported in the U.S. every year.

Luckily, SAD is easily treatable and most times self-diagnosable. These helpful suggestions might make your dark winter days a little brighter: 

  •     Keep active: Exercising any time of year is guaranteed to boost your spirits, but physical activity during winter months can help that much more. Whether it’s going to the gym or walking around your neighborhood on a not-so-cold day, staying active can make you feel better inside and out. 
  •    Treat yourself: Go ahead, buy those new shoes! Treating yourself to something you’ve been wanting is great way to boost your confidence and make your day a little brighter. For example, take a spa day, buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing, or buy your favorite dessert and eat it all by yourself! 
  •   Volunteering: Helping others is another great way to make your winter a little better. It could be anything from volunteering at a nursing home, donating clothes, or even helping your neighbor shovel snow.      
  •   Wear brightly colored clothes: Spice up your outfits a little with some yellows, reds, or pinks. Wearing brighter colored clothes can make a cold, rainy day a little less gloomy. And you’ll look great too!  
  •  Listen to upbeat music:  Don’t be afraid to add to your playlist. Maybe try a new genre of music or listen to some of your old favorites. Playing feel-good songs while you dance it out is a great way to raise your spirits.  
  • Spend time with the people you love: Spending quality time with loved ones is always a good idea, especially when you aren’t feeling your best. Surround yourself with positivity and make memories that will last you a lifetime.