Raider Bowl Recap

As the official kick-off of the homecoming season, Raider Bowl as been a long-standing tradition at PMHS. Since COVID, students have been enjoying this competitive event at Raider Stadium.


Photo by Kristin Carlson

Sophomores taking a group photo before the volleyball match.

Imagine having a battle of the classes with lots of challenges and school spirit, sounds fun right? Here at Patchogue-Medford High School you don’t need to imagine. Now, let me tell you about a fantastic event we call Raider Bowl. We held this event on a beautiful Thursday evening where the weather was not too cold or too hot. Each class sports their own class color and unique shirt design. The overall concept consists of students from each class playing against each other in games and occasionally a class advisor challenge. The student sections from each class are always cheering each other on and always have a lot of energy.  

To start off, they had the seniors run out to music onto the field as we cheered them on, it was great. For the actual games, the first challenge was a volleyball match. It started with two classes going against each other, and then the winners of those games played against each other. The final match was between the juniors and the seniors. This was very interesting as both teams had very great players, but in the end the juniors won. In between this game and the next, there was a red beach ball passed around in the junior’s section. It was so unpredictable, but it made it even more fun.  

The next game was called “Dizzy Izzy” where you spin around a bat ten times and run back to your team. This was definitely one of my favorites to watch because it was so funny watching people run while dizzy. The game was close, but the juniors won that also. The third game was a chariot race, where you had to put someone in a sheet and two people drag them across the field back to the team. This race was very intense as it was neck and neck between the juniors and seniors. Ultimately, the juniors won again. 

At this point, it was later in the night and even though people were tired, no one stopped cheering their team on. The next event was the relay race which had two races. It was the same challenge, but there were different groups for each race. For this one you have to put a ball between your legs and hop to the next person and give them the ball. For the first relay the freshman won, which was great since it was their first raider bowl. The sophomores won the second relay. Then, it was time for the class advisor challenge. This was hilarious because people were running all over the place trying to get the items. Unfortunately, at one point someone in the junior section threw a water bottle and the class got disqualified from this round. The sophomore class advisors won this one.  

After this point, I decided to talk to some freshman and seniors and ask them how they feel about their first or last raider bowl. “It’s honestly really entertaining. I get to hang out with my friends, and I got to see some funny things happen and I love the school spirit.” (Olivia Moreno, Grade 9). “It kind of started off slow since we were all sort of still in our awkward middle school phase, everyone was very quiet. However, as it went on, they started to stand up and have spirit, as well as cheer our class on, it’s really great.” (Despina (Desi) Carver, Grade 9). That was great to hear because I love Raider Bowl and I’m glad they do too. The other responses, I admit, did make me a little sad. “Overall, it’s upsetting but also joyful, it’s been a lot of fun however it’s also the last one for us.” (Raynor, Grade 12). “It’s bittersweet since it’s the last one but it’s good that we’re doing it outside and I really don’t want this night to end.” (Aileen Ramos, Grade 12).  

Soon after, there was a little extra challenge added about who could pick up the most trash from their section. This one caused a little issue between people as some did not have as much trash as others or it looked like some weren’t helping, even if they were. Some didn’t see it as fair, and no one knows for sure if it was really added into the overall scores, but the sophomores won that challenge.  

Following that there was an obstacle course. Two people started off with their section of the course and tagged the next group to start the next section, and it continued that pattern the whole time. Each pair had their own area they had to complete. Everyone’s attempt was timed and if you skipped something or knocked it over, time was added to your score. This was won by the seniors. What would have been the last game was tug of war, but sadly the rope broke, and we couldn’t do it. 

The overall placements were sophomores in first, juniors in second, seniors in third, and freshmen took last. There is a possibility that there was a tie between the sophomores and juniors based on the recount, but at the moment sophomores stay first. This was overall such a great day. Everyone seemed to be having a blast and it was just a great experience.

Next year is going to be just as great, if not even better.