Abstract Party Ideas for Sweet 16 and More

Looking for a unique idea for a celebration? We have some suggestions.

Many people host the kind of party that includes a catering haul with a DJ. While this is true for some, others may want to do something a little more different.  Here are some suggestions:

A Craft Party 

Yes, I know you might think this sounds silly, but hear me out. Crafts are an incredibly positive way to deal with stress. People like to make things for people as gifts as well. If you decide to have a craft party, talk to your party guests and see what kinds of crafts they will enjoy. The possibilities are endless with a craft party!  

Movie Night 

Grab some blankets, snacks, candy, and your remote! Get your friends or family to come over and watch some of your favorite movies! It may also be amusing for your party guests if you let them help pick out some of the movies. 

Store Hopping  

This is where you go around to different stores with your guests. You can go window shopping and buy things that you like. It may be a good idea to go “store hopping” in a town like Port Jeff or Sayville. You may have better luck finding stores that are close together.  Of course, stop at a restaurant of your choice for dinner! 

Go to a Spa 

Life’s crazy — let loose and go to a spa for a special occasion. You and your family/friends can pick the services that you want done to personalize your trip. Going to a spa is a rewarding experience especially when you’re starting a new chapter in your life.  

Have a Party at Your House and Fill the Room with Something You Collect 

For example, you like action figures then get a bunch of those and put them all over your party area. You can do this with pretty much any item if you like it that much.  

Simple: Go to your Favorite Place  

If you were asked “What is your favorite place to go and have fun?” right now what would it be? That’s the place where you could have your celebration. It could be anything from a favorite restaurant, an arcade, an ice-skating rink and so much more.  

Have you held a special celebration with an interesting twist? Share your story with us!