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How To Rock Halloween

Top ten must have costume trends for this season
Photo by A. Mckeough
Are you sticking with a traditional look or going trendy?

As the leaves change color and the crisp autumn breeze sets in, one thing is on everyone’s mind: Halloween.  

It’s that magical time of year when people of all ages embrace their inner creativity and transform into mythical beings or imaginative personas.

Whether you are looking to make a statement, pay tribute to a beloved character, or simply join in on the fun, we have rounded up the top ten trendy costumes that are sure to steal the spotlight this Halloween season. 

Let’s start with the phenomenal movie at number ten, Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse.  

The release of the movie itself was easily one of the top pop culture moments of the year so far, with plenty of creative and colorful characters to view, giving the fans a plethora of costume ideas!  

In the ninth spot, the movie Megan offers a thrilling journey into a world of mystery and intrigue, making it a captivating choice for those seeking to cause heads to turn.  

Number eight brings us Oppenheimer, a cinematic exploration of history and innovation, giving us a glimpse into the fascinating world of one of the most brilliant scientists of our time. If you have ever wanted to look like a cool detective for Halloween, well there you go!  

Jumping into seventh place, the Super Mario Bros are set to make a live-action splash! Mario costumes have been around for a few decades, why not keep the flow going as they get increasingly creative?  

Now creeping into sixth position, Wednesday Addams is back to add a dark yet delightful twist to Halloween — better be ready for it!

At number five, it is a dynamic duo like no other with Joker and Harley Quinn bringing chaos and charm to the screen. These two will always remain a favorite when it comes to getting ready for the spooky festivities that await us!  

Coming in fourth, Disney characters continue to enchant us with their timeless magic. Whether you choose to be a classic princess or a mischievous sidekick, these beloved characters have a special place in our hearts and make for an enchanting Halloween experience, bringing the magic of Disney to life. 

At number three, the Taylor Swift Eras Tour promises a music-filled journey through the superstar’s career, allowing fans to step into the world of this iconic artist and celebrate her evolution through the years, so for any Swifties out there, this is your call!  

Swimming into the runner-up spot, The Little Mermaid is poised to make a splash with its live-action adaptation, transporting us beneath the waves to experience the beloved tale in a whole new light. 

Taking the top spot, it’s the iconic duo, Barbie and Ken, who reign supreme as the ultimate Halloween costume trend, offering a glamorous and nostalgic choice for those who want to bring a touch of fashion and playfulness to the holiday. 

So, whether you choose to don the mask of a friendly neighborhood here like Spider-Man, embrace your dark side with Joker and Harley Quinn, or dive into a world of enchantment with Disney characters, this year’s top ten trendy costumes offer a diverse array of options to make your Halloween unforgettable.

Let your imagination run wild and your creativity shine as you join the ranks of these iconic characters, and remember, the best costume is the one that lets you express your true self. Happy Halloween! 

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