FUN FRIDAY: The Freshman’s Guide to Surviving Your New Universe


Photo by Photo by Michele Sullivan

Members of the Red & Black representing and recruiting at the 8th grade fair.

Last night the 8th graders had the opportunity to learn about the high school. They learned about the programs and even had the chance to meet some members of our clubs. The first day of high school is not as bad as everyone says. It is much more crowded in the halls compared to the middle schools, but it’s manageable. The school also “seems” huge but in reality, it’s not that bad. To help prepare you, we have created the ultimate survival for those new to the building:

Top 10 Things Every Freshman Should Know:
1. The location of the bathrooms
2. Where the cafeteria is
3. Know the routes to the main staircases
4. Be aware that all of the classes in HS count towards college
5. Know how to say your teachers’ names
6. Find the fastest route to your classes
7. Bring your ID card – EVERYWHERE
8. Always do the extra credit
9. Don’t stress yourself out with too many things
10. Learn to manage your time.
BONUS: Always remember to bring backup pencils!

The first few days of high school might be intimidating to you but if you just know everything on this list, you will be fine. Our final piece of advice: if you ever ask for directions from an upperclassman, know that there is NO 4th floor or a pool. Can’t wait to officially meet the Class of 2021!