Raider Decision Day

Promoting our school choices


Photo by Michele Sullivan

Alejandro, A.J. and Matt proudly wear the colors of their next place of adventure.

Decision day. Around the country May 1st is the day that seniors officially choose where they will be spending the next four years of  their lives. The days leading up to it can be dreaded and stressful; however,  by the first of May, only excitement is left and students nationally sport apparel in their new school colors.

The college decision can be a stressful one; trying to work out the money, the place that best fits you, and the opportunities you will have. Many painful hours go into the application process (on top of the usual school work) and years of hard work suddenly begin to add up which is why it’s so important to celebrate it!

This year, in the wake of other events, Patchogue Medford High School didn’t promote National Decision Day. To make up for it, we will be hosting a Raider Pride Decision Day on Friday, May 25th. Be sure to wear the T-shirt of the college you will be attending in the fall!