Tim Burton’s New Show Wednesday is to Die For

The new show Wednesday puts a refreshing spin on the Addams Family.


Photo by Jacob Gabel

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The new show Wednesday, based on the lovable character from The Addams Family, is a horror comedy series on Netflix that focuses on Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, as she navigates her unusual new high school: Nevermore. This unique school made for outcasts, from werewolves to sirens, doesn’t impress her at first, but she soon becomes involved in mysteries and murders that pique her interest.  

Wednesday is faced with countless obstacles, whether she is trying to fit in or solve a mystery despite the principal and police’s red tape. However, despite her aloof demeanor, she is determined to expose the truth and hold those responsible accountable. Her intelligence allows her to accomplish a great deal more than the town’s authorities, but her obsessiveness and low emotional intelligence cause conflicts between her family and friends that force her to question if she is truly a good person.  

Many viewers who love Tim Burton’s other work may have originally been drawn to Wednesday for his iconic gothic, eerie style, but it has so much more to offer. Not only is there a perfect balance of horror and humor, but the various plot twists also constantly keep you engaged and guessing.

Plus, unlike some other coming of age shows, Wednesday offers complex, diverse characters that display relatable issues such as platonic, romantic, and family relationships, betrayal, prejudice, and other social issues. This allows its audience to easily identify with various characters’ realistic personalities, experiences, and reactions, while still enjoying the fantastical aspects of the plot.  

Wednesday was produced by extremely talented producers, directors, and more. Tim Burton’s attention to detail creates a fully immersive experience that absorbs his audience into the endlessly fascinating fantasy world he has created.

Additionally, the show’s incredible cast does an excellent job at portraying such complex, lovable, or unbearable, characters. Their performances are just as detail oriented as Tim Burton’s visions, and their unique chemistry further absorbs their audience into the smooth but exhilarating plot. 

Overall, Wednesday is a binge-worthy show that I highly recommend to everyone, even if Tim Burton and horror don’t typically interest you. Plus, except for a bit of gore, it is a family friendly show that you can share with your loved ones.

Although a second season has not been officially announced yet, the team behind Wednesday already has a few ideas and is looking forward to expanding it.