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Weekly Update

Updates on news near and far.

Updates on news near and far.

Photo by Phoebe Lawson

Updates on news near and far.

Photo by Phoebe Lawson

Photo by Phoebe Lawson

Updates on news near and far.

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PMHS News:

– Patchogue Medford High School held its second Winter Concert for the band, orchestra and chorus on December 19th.

– The high school’s wrestling team will be competing in the Raider Invitational Tournament on December 28th.

– The Boys’ Varsity Basketball season just started and currently hold an 0-3 record. This could be due to some starting players being out due to injury. Stay tuned.

– Our high schools wrestling team is 2-1 on the season and this season, the team is looking strong as a whole.

Local News:

– Three local north shore high schools in the area are coming together to honor the 12-year old Boy Scout who was tragically killed by a drunk driver earlier this year. Andrew McMorris; he was hit by a car that was driven by an intoxicated man. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

– Sean Abrams, Pat-Med HS graduate, opened a fried desserts restaurant in Patchogue. The shop is called Fry Daddy’s Gourmet Eats & Deep Fried Treats.

– A house fire on Oregon Avenue is still under investigation. The individual living in the house was found dead and two firemen were injured.

– 5 years ago Lance Cpl. Billy Ventura was left paralyzed from the waist down in a hit-and-run. Now, he will be getting a wheelchair-accessible house for himself. He was surprised with it on Wednesday night at a gala for the Bolla Charity Foundation.

National News:

– A passenger aboard the Carnival Cruise line went overboard after climbing a deck railing and falling into the ocean.

– Earlier this week, a two month old baby was the first person to ever have their vaccine delivered commercially by a drone. The drone traveled to an island where vaccines were given to children who lack basic healthcare.

– Reports are starting to increase about Anthony Davis being traded to the Lakers. They would have to give up almost the whole team for him, but teaming AD and LeBron up could cause great concern for Golden State regardless.

– Cam Newton is being shut down after a subpar season by himself as well as the Panthers. They were officially eliminated from playoff contention last week by the Saints so his reason for playing is no more for this year, at least.

– Manny Machado met with the Yankees this week, and now all of New York believes that he will sign to them soon.

International News:

– In London, tons of plastic are washing up on its shores. As a result, the European officials are working on ways to ban some of the plastic items that are single use such as straws, plates, and cutlery.

– A president is being elected in Madagascar in a runoff election poll. The citizens are choosing between two former leaders of this country which led for the voting to turn out peacefully.

– Behind locked gates, a massive compound of schools, dormitories, warehouses, and workshops were found in China with men, women, and children sewing sports jerseys for United States college teams.

– 30 percent of all new cars made in Norway are run by electric rather than having gasoline tanks. Using these electric cars are said to help with climate change and are better to use to help the environment overall.

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